Return on Investment – A Long-Term Relationship with the Dominican Republic

The business sector of the Dominican Republic provides solutions and covers a vast array of circumstances and investment scenarios.  We handle the entire spectrum of your investment back-office infrastructure both in a logistics sense and a technological sense – and make it work smoother.


Our services cover two distinct areas – the logistical / operational end of your investment (which includes processes, people, and different departments),  and the IT side.  We provide out-of-the-box and custom solutions.  Your investment will begin and grow with Dominican Commerce.

Import / Export
Real Estate

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The Import and Export Sector of the Dominican Republic

Our country has seen favorable signs of unyielding economic revitalization in the sectors of Import and Export in Dominican Republic, making the forecast bound to grow further. Dominican Republic designs and develops logistic solutions for and to exports in the Dominican Republic in order to provide updated information that will serve business owners as a guide for the development of their activities in the country.

Improving global environment and quality of life, commodity prices have allowed the economy to sustain its peak and is predicted to improve further.

Some examples of such products are:

Foods (instant and pre-packaged)

Dominican Republic has it all!  Our tropical soil has much to offer and Dominican Republic has successfully added high-quality export products to its portfolio.

Want to move to the Dominican Republic? The perfect place to call home.

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Zona Franca – The Textile Capital of the Caribbean in Dominican Republic

The Free-Zone Textile industry of the Dominican Republic is ranked among the top in the world. With the anticipated opportunities and challenges in global production and consumption of textile-related products, there is room for growth in the Dominican Republic. The textile industry in the Dominican Republic consists of all production; marketing and services of textile products, including supplementary services needed to manufacture, finish, promotion and distribution. Dominican Commerce’s Zona Franca (Free-Zone) will assist your company evert step of the way.
Some of the most notable Dominican Republic Textile Industry products are:

Sporting Goods
Computer Parts
Auto Parts

Textile products are exceptional, as there are diverse end-use markets for textiles: automotive, apparel, home textiles, technical, industrial, and medical.

Visit and Love the best Island In the Caribbean. Tourism in the Dominican Republic.

The concept of tourism is the ability to reach a safe and joyful destination. If you are traveling for recreation, leisure or business, Dominican Republic has it all!

The World Tourism Organization recently stated that “Sustainable tourism is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems.”
Dominican Republic does well in maintain a high standard in tourism quality without jeopardizing the quality of life in the Island. Dominican Commerce overall intent, including tour operating support and logistics, will be fully supported by local agents.

Local Support

Our local support has the capacity to include synchronization with a reorganized logistics management team that minimizes response times to user demands through early delivery of options. We have focused on providing exceptional service and support in Dominican Republic to unique sectors in the island.