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Digital Signage Interaction – Responsive and Creative

Digital Signage has developed into the norm of communicating crispy messages to a High Definition audience.  Take for instance Times Square, where audiences come to experience digital content by the masses.  This may come as a shock to some but Fortune 500 companies are still using static content (huge banners and posters) as part of their marketing strategy.  What are some advantages and disadvantages of signage?  What are the benefits of static vs. dynamic?  We randomly asked people in the Square who expressed feedback.

“I see trucks parked here all the time raising Jenny Lifts to change banners.  This causes disruption to the crowds, its not environmentally safe, and probably very costly to move all that manpower.”  says Tina (Reuters) who works in Times Square and frequents technology summits regarding content management systems.  So how to decide if static of dynamic is the right fit? Continue reading Digital Signage Interaction – Responsive and Creative

3D-Printing Becoming an Industry Standard?

3D printing is here to stay.  Which Verticals will it will revolutionize our world with?

What is 3D printing? Best commonly known as Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing is the ability to make solid objects utilizing a digital (computerized) models.

Applications in different verticals Health – Body parts, prosthetics, eye glasses, 3D food printer Technology – Camera lenses, phone covers, robots, tv glass Construction – Walls, floor, building parts. Continue reading 3D-Printing Becoming an Industry Standard?

The Impact of Health Monitoring Devices

Monitoring your health experience can motivate you to do better.  Social media and manufacturers have found ways to helps us track our success by measuring heart rate, steps, and pressure, food intake, and regular lifestyle patterns.  Many questions still surround the psychological effects of these devices within the Digital Health Community.

watchsportHow is the rapid movement change affecting they way we think about health?  On a Heart Rate Monitoring abstract done by J Achten, and AE Jeukendrup mentions that “Over the last 20 years, heart rate monitors (HRMs) have become a widely used training aid for a variety of sports. The development of new HRMs has also evolved rapidly during the last two decades.”1

Continue reading The Impact of Health Monitoring Devices

Dominican Commerce tours various cities in D.R. to promote Medical, Technology, Export

Santiago, R.D. — With a high demand for Latin American products and concepts, our development team visits the Dominican Republic to promote the awareness of Exports and Investment from the Caribbean island to the EU.

Dominican Commerce will lead a presentation tour at various cities in D.R. to promote the sectors of Medical Equipment, Information Technology, Export, Telecommunications, Education and Textiles which he hopes will succeed, as well as environment strategies. The tour will include visits to organizations such as CODOCAFE, CONOCACAO, Centro Leon, Brugal, Punta Cana, Cap Cana, along with owners of three other small businesses from different parts of the island.

The interaction would increase strong desires to bilaterally connect with companies interested in Dominican products and services. It would also provide the exchange of ideas and experiences in the education and renewable energy sector, which have been a challenge in the past. Continue reading Dominican Commerce tours various cities in D.R. to promote Medical, Technology, Export

Latin American Chamber of Commerce – Newsletter – 12/10/2010

Forthcoming Events

CDRC Web Launch                              Nov. 2010
Ron Atlantico (DR) Degustation    Nov. 10th @ Carlo IV Hotel
Tercera Semana Dominicana          Nov. 23rd @ ICC in Prague, CZ
CEI-RD Inauguration                          Feb. 2010
Dominican Commerce Event          Feb 2010

Political and Business Diary

encuentroWith the rescue of 33 Chilean miners, the brief threat to and subsequent restoration of Rafael Correa’s leadership in Ecuador and numerous high-profile business dealings, events in Latin America had a distinctly vibrant feel in the month that was. Continue reading Latin American Chamber of Commerce – Newsletter – 12/10/2010

Fasoo File-Based Security – This document will self-destruct in 15 seconds!

Document life cycles have been discussed in previous forums and many document management conferences around the world. How can we provide users the ability to set timers on their documents? Or how long did the recipient read my memo for? Toshiba Business Solutions partnered with Fasoo, an Enterprise High-End DRM (Digital Rights Management) and has been categorized the best in File-Based security in the market. From Print Security to Content Platform Integration, Fasoo “allows organizations to prevent unintended information disclosure or exposure, ensure a secure information-sharing environment, better manage workflows and simplify secure collaboration internally and externally.” Maximum File-Based Security provides an audit trail and options to watermark your sensitive content with plenty of versatility in helping reduce the amount of secured content.

Fasoo Products and Services

File-based Security:

Fasoo Enterprise DRM
Fasoo Usage Tracer
Fasoo Mobile Gateway
Fasoo View / Fasoo View Plus

The solution Fasoo also integrates with a number of Content Platforms and help facilitate overhead cost-reductions. EBridge technology from Toshiba’s Business Solutions MFP’s for example, integrates Fasoo from inception or capture of document (step #1 in the Toshiba Enterprise Content Management module) enabling users to control file exposure from the start.

Content Platform:

Fasoo ePublisher

Secure Collaboration:


Source Code Analysis:


Secure Coding Analysis:



An assessment of workflow processes and physical document input / output is needed to implement Fasoo. Use the form below to request more information:


Technology BPO – Dominican Republic Has the Key to Best Outsourcing Practices.

Dominican Commerce continues the strategic development of Technology Services and support as a powerful and flexible way to bring your vision of your company’s reality.  

Tech Services

With the acquisition of medical equipment distribution and tech support exclusivity from Deymed Diagnostic in the very heart of Dominican Republic now fully in motion, Dominican Commerce’s ability to position itself as a full-servicing ITEL outsource management is now complete.

Continue reading Technology BPO – Dominican Republic Has the Key to Best Outsourcing Practices.